Front Bridge Upgrade

With our latest Front Bridge Upgrade, NTC is now open to receive your bookings for all your assessments & shiphandling requirements. Our center is equipped with sophisticated Kongsberg simulators with sea view 3D technology, wide-ranging ship models, and a variety of challenging scenarios that provide the most realistic learning experience. We take pride in creating our exercises & validation from our veteran Masters. Our scenarios are suited for all levels and conditions covering all your requirements.

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International Cuisine at NTC

Train SMART and discover the various cuisines from around the world..
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While taking courses here at the Norwegian Training Center, we wish you a safe and sound accommodation in the Metro. You may contact and book your stay at the following hotels nearby the training center. 

OPEX Reduction Through Smart Training: Be a DNV GL Certified Welder


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Dream Higher Than The Sky & Deeper Than The Ocean

Have a glimpse of the life of Electro-Technical Officer Cadets here at NTC A Video By ETO Cadet Batch 5A (Knutsen) and 5B (Odfjell)

Farmer to Seafarer: The Story of Bell John Eleccion

Eleccion is the second son of Camilo and Florentina Eleccion, humble farmers from San Remegio, Cebu. He was born in the same area, however, after being asked to leave the land that they are occupying, he and his family moved to Dalaguete, Cebu. With only farming as his parents’ source of income, they were only able to build a small hut. The floor was made of arranged stones and they can only sleep and sit inside since they can barely fit in.
Without the capability to afford electricity, their only source of light at night was a kerosene lamp. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop nor hinder Eleccion to do his best in his studies as well as help his family to earn more money. Through their hard work, they were to build a bigger hut made out of bamboo, but it didn’t last long as it got burned which left them with nothing but ashes and broken hearts.
After that incident, with baby steps, they tried to build another house, a concrete and stable house. And to avoid further expenses, they were also th…